JYG and The Fruits of the Garden

This weekend there will be a mini-servie project in the neighborhood.  For the last several weeks we have been prepping for it.  We have gone through a few different streets asking for people’s lemons.  We have made that lemon juice into lemonade and lemon bars.  This morning some of the junior youth girls came over to help make the lemon bars.

Afterwards I went over to the Santa Inez apartments just to help build my friendships with the kids there.  There was a new boy there who spends most of his time with his father in Hayward, but visits his mother here in San Mateo.  I spent some time talking with his grandmother, and she expressed her concern that he spent time with people who were good influences.  We planned to go to my house to play with the dogs, and he wanted to come, but usually his mother told him to stay behind (to be careful who he spends his time with).  This time I talked to her and she said he could come along if she went as well.   So the mother, grandmother, little brother and Alex all came along to play with the dogs – plus the other kids from the JYG.  It was really fun, and it was very refreshing to see a mother who wants to ensure that her children are around good influences.


At the same time as all this, we’re hosting a new dog at Chez-Trotter!  His name is Dizzy and he is a Bichon.  This family is paying us to watch him, but really he is such a treat to have around I feel blessed to get to watch him.


We also harvested our first fruit from the vegetable garden the junior youth helped plant.  It was huge and very watery.  Photographic evidence.  Tomorrow is the junior youth group service project!


Junior Youth Service Project

In the past I have mostly focused on children’s classes in the neighborhood and in the cluster.  However, due to a change in the community, I have started working with more junior youth.  This summer the group planned a service project to put in a garden in the neighborhood that was just dirt before.

To raise money for this project, the junior youth had the idea to sell lemonade.  And instead of buying powder from the store, we thought it would be best to take from the thousands of lemons in our neighborhood.  Last week the youth went around with a paper and clipboards and walked down three different streets looking for houses with lemons.  They asked the owners of the house if we could have the lemons to raise money for a gardening project nearby.  Everyone was happy to help, and happy to get rid of their lemons which often just fall to the earth and rot before they get eaten.  Today we went around in two groups with ladders and boxes and picked over 200 lemons.

After the junior youth went home, Kevin and I proceeded to juice all of them (we didn’t want any to go bad, and it was a lot of work that only 2 people should do).  From that we got just under 2.5 gallons of lemon juice.