Ms Big Bird

After one of my children’s classes this week I went on a walk with some of the kids to the local rec-center. This is just part of my need to walk the baby, but it’s also great to hang out with the kids in the neighborhood. Anyway, while we were walking by the King Center, the kids told me about their “Goodness Class” that they have every Friday night at the King Center.

“Tell me about this class.”
“We talk about good things, and God.”
“Who is your teacher?”
“Miss Big Bird.”

Well I just stopped in my tracks.  I have heard of Miss Big Bird before, though I have never actually met her. From what I can surmise, in the years that we’ve been here, she teaches kids about Jesus and she helps them with their homework.

“Does she talk about God or does she talk about Jesus?”
“It’s the same thing, right?”
“Yes, it is, but sometimes it might not be. I don’t always talk about Jesus in my class do I? Though we do talk about our love for all the Manifestations of God”
“We always talk about Jesus.”

There are two really interesting aspects of this. One, Miss Big Bird’s penetration. She has encountered several of the kids that we have worked with. How does she meet them? I have heard she has another helper, but beyond that I wonder if she’s associated with a church or school. How does she meet all these kids?

The other interesting aspect is the fact that she’s using the King Center on a weekly basis. From what I understand, private organizations cannot rent spaces regularly. If it happens to be open, then they can organize something that week. But it cannot be an ongoing thing. Unless the city is giving preferential treatment to this organization.

I plan on investigating more about this tomorrow at the actual Big Bird Class!

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (3)

After all that, we came back to cuddle with dogs and feed Soleia pureed beets and blueberries and string cheese.  It was a great class.



  1. Dear Selena, Since your inquiry might remove Ms Big Bird, how about “adding” your own activity at the center? Might there be youth who would be interested in assisting you?

    1. I doubt anything I do will shed light on her being there, as it is already a pretty strict process and I’m sure she has all the right credentials to be there. I just intend to find out what those credentials are so we can copy.

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