Neighborhood relationships

“You know well that the habits of mind and spirit that you are nurturing in yourselves and others will endure, influencing decisions of consequence that relate to marriage, family, study, work, even where to live.” – Universal House of Justice, July 1 2013



walking to mi rancho

One aspect of working with the people you live close to is the fact that your life cannot exist without interacting with them. Of course this will depend on the neighborhood and how much effort one puts into meeting your neighbors. But in our case, since we know so many, nearly every aspect of life is surrounded by the people we serve with.
The squid tree

I was on my way to the local grocery store to buy plantains and beans when I was approached by Salvador and Brandon. They were sad they couldn’t come hang out at my house since I was gone, but were happy to come along with me. The walk over, they were talking about their memories of being with me.  “Remember that time you were driving with us and I said ‘you’re just a white lady with four Mexican kids? or “remember that time we went to the farm and picked strawberries? and the time we went to santa cruz? can we go again please?”Boy sleepover


Two of the boys slept over on Thursday night. They’re in a year round program so that this is actually their fall break. Brandon does not live as close to us anymore, so it was nice to have him back with us again.

“Can you help get Eli out of my bed, Kevin?”
Eli takes over the bed

“Can you help get Kevin out of my bed, Selena?”Kevin takes over Eli Soleia and her big brothers Selfie! Free ice cream




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