Night Walks

photo (1)

One of the interesting aspects of our neighborhood has come to light to me only recently. When Soleia was just born, it was so easy to stay confined to our house and entertain her with her toys here. Now she gets bored so quickly and taking walks is essential for her happiness.

These walks have been amazing (though I may be developing some minor back pains due to use of the baby bjorn). I walk to the King Center and around the streets where we have different groups and classes. I talk to lots of people who I have met over the years. And Soleia gets to play in the swing.

photo (3)

Kevin and I feel like we’re in a bit of a crisis. He and I, as well as a few others, are maintaining a number of activities, but it still feels like we are far from growing them more. We felt invigorated after the walk and running into so many of our friends. It’s a confirmation to see so many people we are connected with so easily. On the way back home we met with a family (father+mother+jy+child) who used to come to the children’s class back when Ruth Breton was assisting the activities here. It turns out the family is Salvdorian from Santa Ana. They invited us to a weekly session they have to share their church’s belief.  I remember when we were doing the classes with their family, the mother felt uncomfortable since she did not know if her husband would approve of our Ruhi Book 3 lessons. I believe their church is up in San Bruno. It was interesting the way this man described his church. He says it’s more “independent” than the other churches in this neighborhood. I can only assume that means smaller.  He told me that my daughter needed more God in her life….  Such casual affronts at people’s life styfles cannot possibly be effective in recruiting people to your belief system.  We said our goodbyes and talked about the different confirmations we have seen over the years and this (2)


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