Re-introducing our lives

Today is an abnormal day on the homefront. It’s mid October and just cooling down from an incredibly hot few days. That’s not what is very strange. Today, on a very rare treat, my husband has stayed home from work.  He works at a Tech startup that I’m a big fan of, though it can be very stressful for him. So stressful that he often collapses at 8pm, a few minutes after he gets home.

Of course, that’s not the most stressful part of his life. He also teaches Advance Placement Computer Science at our local high school in the neighborhood. It’s part of a new initiative to bring APCS to high schools in Silicon Valley. You would think it would be ubiquitous here, but alas it is not. He wakes up three mornings a week and teaches for 90 minutes, plus lesson plans and grades and does office hours at a local restaurant. The other two mornings he works out.

But he is home today and I’m taking advantage of it by working next to him as much as possible. That also included a 20 minute nap while he worked in bed.

getting work done

All the while our cleaning lady is here and nanny and her three daughters. It’s a full house.

Speaking of full house, since I last wrote we added another member to our family.  Meet Soleia.

so sleepy

Because of her I am inspired to share the adventures of our home-front pioneering life again. All the baby fun, neighborhood adventures and good times we have as a community.  She is awake so I will write more later.


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