When you stop breathing in front of your children…

Today we had an incredible scare. Our nanny, Eydi, was here with her three daughters. The oldest was holding Soleia while I was working on cards in the back room. I came to the front of the house to recycle some paper and Eydi turned towards me and she was completely blue. She couldn’t breathe, and I didn’t know what was wrong. Her eldest came up to her and she started crying, while calling 911 and holding Soleia. I hit her back and ran to get my own phone. It was about a minute before she started breathing again. We were able to cancel the ambulance and everything was “fine,” but everyone was crying.

Eydi as a serious health condition, of which she seems to be doing fine in. I will write more about that later, but part of the reason Kevin and I wanted her to help with our daughter was because of how well her family has done facing such terrible conditions. In my mother groups I hear such awful stories about nannies and baby sitters, and I am so blessed to have someone I love so much take care of Soleia with us.

It is a tough week because the eldest daughter is also to go into surgery this week.  We will continue to say prayers for this beautiful family.


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