Monday Hangout Day

Though I yearn for the day the junior youth can plan and execute a service project on their own, I have to admit we are not there.  There was a lot of preparation on our part to make sure that it was a success.  And even though we tried to prepare, it was quite evident that the success of it was based on the help from the Blessed Beauty.  Certain things just worked out really well, though we did not plan for it.

Today I got back to normal life.  Bought groceries, made a real meal for dinner, worked on my company website and played with the kids in the neighborhood.

One activity that one of the kids is really fond of Chess.  We have gotten a few boys to learn the game, and so far the girls have shied away from it.  I happen to be learning along side them, so we are pretty evenly matched witch is good.  This boy who came over today is the most considerate chess player I have ever met besides Kevin.  He lets me know when I’m making a bad mood, and it tells me he’s sorry when he gets one of my pieces.


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