Impromptu Barbecue

Today for children’s class we had a barbecue and were able to get rid of a lot of leftovers from the 4th of July.  We had 20 kids over, ages 4-14.

Today, like the 4th, was very challenging.  I see many characteristics in these children that are dear and wonderful, and I see the progress of humanity in them.  I also see things that are very concerning.

One issue is with my dear Lupita.  She is 3 years old and has three older siblings, plus lives around a large cohort of other children.  With me she is the most lovely little girl ever.  But then with others, I constantly hear that she showing her middle finger at the other children or saying bad words to them.  She obviously learns this from the other kids, and I don’t get mad at her.  But how can we teach her if she is being bombarded with this all the time?

Another issue is the fact that the kids are basically greedy.  They complain about the lack of their favorite brand of soda or that there isn’t enough juice.  The older boys horde everything for themselves and leave the little kids with nothing.  Kevin and I would like to teach them about being thankful in practice, and not just in the children’s class.  Yet when there are 20 over at once, it is difficult to reflect on their behavior and then I am just more eager for them to leave then to have that conversation.

These are habits we have been seeing for a long time, so I pray for the wisdom on how to teach better habits when it comes up right away.

These are just some thoughts and working with children…


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